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Push yourself harder with our effort leaderboard.

Whether alone or in a watch party with your friends, healthy competition is proven to get you to work out 90% more often. We measure your levels of effort in real time using just your camera to help push you further. If you invite friends into your class, you can even compete against each other based on how hard you work out! No sensors needed.

Get feedback on your posture.

Execute one of our choreographies perfectly, or avoid injuries while taking one of our yoga, pilates, or strength classes. With our accuracy tool, you can see what you’re doing right and wrong with your body in real time, using just your camera.

Game against your friends while working out.

Every single one of your workouts can be taken solo (and you’ll still enjoy all our features), or you can invite up to 500 friends to each workout for free. Just press the invite button and after a super quick free sign up, your friends will meet you in the session. Imagine learning a choreo or taking a yoga class together. Research shows that people work out for twice as long when in a group.

Get video highlights.
All your best moments, captured.

We automatically measure the best moments of your workouts and automatically create short video highlights which you can see and share after your class. These videos show you at your best (when you’re moving most, or when you have really good accuracy), because you deserve to be celebrated.

Challenge yourself.
Choose the best version of you.

Our challenges are created with content from some of the best professionals from around the world, each with one goal in mind. Want to tone up? Choose ‘Get Stronger’. De-stress? Try out ‘Find Your Flow’. Want to burn, burn, burn baby? ‘Sweat It Out’ is for you.

Want more content?
Use any.

Have a favorite workout or dance video already but want to enjoy it together with our effort, accuracy, avatar, watch parties or highlight tools? You can do it in our app. Just paste the URL to your favourite YouTube video in the Self-Hosting section and enjoy!

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