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Your life. Your rules.
On-demand and live classes to match your busy life.

Your life. Your rules.
On-demand and live classes to match your busy life.

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Live and on-demand cinematic classes you can take solo, or in a watch party with friends – on desktop or mobile. Push yourself with our real-time feedback, we only require your device's camera to help you improve your cardio, technique, and accuracy.


Paste the URL of your most-loved exercise or dance video to create your own workout, and to be able to invite friends to it and get real-time feedback and compete against each other on the quality of your execution.

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Workout solo or share a sweat party with friends. Get feedback on your posture and cardio through your camera. See your best moments in video.

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Music for champs

Krew on Spotify starts now with Kuta (swedish for run), a collection of songs that made for workout. The mixtape will be constantly evolving and adapting, much like ourselves.


The Krew Credo

Everybody should be able to better themselves, without limits. Enjoy live and on-demand classes from the world’s best fitness and health professionals wherever, whenever. From HIIT and yoga, to pilates and dance choreographies. Our sessions can be enjoyed solo or in sweat parties with friends. We provide AI-based feedback on the spot, only requiring access to your camera, so that you can challenge yourself to improve, whether in a solo class, or through our group leaderboards, which measure your cardio, accuracy, and technique execution.

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